Zenfolio | Bryan and Vita Hewitt | Much To Learn

Much To Learn is a short film that explores the fluidity of boundaries between states of consciousness through an investigation of sleep paralysis, recurring nightmares and dreamwalking. In it a man moves through an inverted seasonal cycle by the vehicle of poetry.

Watch the film here.
Title Still.jpg01 The White Void - Winter.00_00_14_23.Still010.jpg01 The White Void - Winter.00_01_02_20.Still007.jpgRichard Kamler reading.jpgMaster V3 FINAL with titles and score.00_03_11_07.Still001.jpgMaster V3 FINAL with titles and score.00_04_56_14.Still002.jpgMaster V1.00_09_41_00.Still002.jpgMaster V2.00_08_10_14.Still006.jpg