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Volumes of Silence is a project that looks closely at the metaphysical implications of commercial spaces that are between occupations. During the boom times, these spaces are constantly in a state of accretion, where new elements are added at a rapid pace, often without a great deal of consideration for anything long term. But when times are tough, many of these spaces sit empty and unused, stripped of their function and acting as signifiers of the failed dreams that once inhabited them. Some stay empty for prolonged periods because their owners are unable to reconcile the sudden drop in their value and often insist on charging the same rent as they once commanded.

This series entertains the possibility that there could be another side of things, where the spaces act as repositories of profound silence that can begin to counteract the noise, clamor and constant push towards financial gain that the activities they once house represented. Perhaps these spaces can act as measurement tools for exactly how much silent contemplation is necessary to begin a journey towards balance.
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