The Dinner by Chuck® system has been created in collaboration with professional stockbrokers and salespeople. Dinner by Chuck® includes three courses: meat, potatoes, and dessert.

First, ChuckTM trains fourteen diners on how to buy and sell the menu items using only hand signals, by tapping into their aggressive nature and desire to be a winner. The trading rules and hand signals are based on Wall Street pit signals and trading rules. The diners are chosen by lottery from a list of invitations sent out by ChuckTM. Each diner is given a Diner Number as they are seated. Chuck helps the diners learn to realize their winning sales potential in an inspirational speech.

Before the market opens, three sales professionals each give a PowerPoint® presentation of one dish. They are competing for the #1 sales position.

The market opens, and diners use the signals and techniques they have just learned to buy and sell units of each dish. Two runners transcribe the hand signals and the data is entered into a spreadsheet that keeps an ongoing tally of the Chuck Market Index. Buying and selling continues for 20 minutes, at which time the Chuck Market closes. After closing, the diners are served and the rankings of the salespeople are announced.
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