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This series is based on the many instances of searching for new lands in Thisworld and the Otherworld that can be found in history and mythology. In these stories, island functions as both a promise of a mysterious utopia and as an unknown to be brought forth into the known by the process of exploration.

In our current climate, islands are endangered by rising sea levels. If we lose more and more literal islands, what will happen to the mythological and metaphorical islands in our collective memories and imaginations?
1-Islands of the Dead.jpg2-Island Within.jpg3-Voyager Under Way.jpg4-Voyager Passing.jpg5-Fisher's Flight.jpg6-Island of The Sky.jpg7-Bargetif.jpg8-Ferry of The West.jpg9-Wings Below the Waves.jpg10-A Star in The Darkness.jpg11-Voyager Unrigged.jpg12-Voyager In The Waves.jpg13-The Flock Ascends.jpg14-Voyager Becalmed.jpg15-Golden Island.jpg16-Voyager Returns.jpg17-Ferry of the East.jpg18-Heavy Cargo.jpg19-Voyager Unfurling.jpg20-Taking Off.jpg