Zenfolio | Bryan and Vita Hewitt | Between

This series comes from a place created by nostalgia for a time when the natural world, unaltered by humans on any large scale, was the dominant view. It is a location that arises from a need to deal with the power and beauty that remains in the portions of nature not yet demolished for the sake of commerce. It contains a fascination with things that happen very slowly. And a wish for what I point my camera at to be the only thing there is to see. I want to know what happens when the destruction of ambiguous states is reversed. These images are my way of honoring what is neither one nor the other, but is instead the beauty and wonder that is both and.
01-48th_Gloaming.jpg02-40th_Gloaming_T271_F13-14_Master1.jpg03-Shifted 18_T166_F3_v1_Master1.jpg04-The Second Time_Master-2.jpg05-Shifted 14_T161_13_Master1.jpg06-22nd Gloaming_T121_18_Master1.jpg07-The First Time_Master-2.jpg08-23rd Gloaming T123_7-8_Master1.jpg09-6th Gloaming.jpg10-Shifted 16_T166_1.jpg11-5th Shift.jpg12-Third Horizon.jpg13-Shifted 7.jpg14-37th_Gloaming_T252_F16-17 copy_Master1.jpg15-13th Gloaming CB23 3-4.jpg16-2nd_onecolorday_CB2 25-26_Master1.jpg17-_MG_6910.jpg18-Shifted 15_900_01 40X48.jpg19-28th Gloaming.jpg20-10th Gloaming T113CB29_2_Master1.jpg