Zenfolio | Bryan and Vita Hewitt | Bad Fruit
So far this series has produced two bizarre and terrifying episodes that are a mix of pop-culture porno camp, hard-boiled action and unexplained oddity. Every frame in each of these stop-motion adventures is painstakingly fashioned by hand from fruits and vegetable commonly found in the collaborators' local grocery stores' produce sections.

The series begins with Forbidden Fruit, a nonstop erotic romp with Señor Platano and La Papaya Caliente. It continues with The Two-Veg Deal, where a varied cast of characters featuring Detective Eggplant, Lady Corn and Sinister Cucumber all struggle to get the drop on each other.

The final sections of The Two-Veg Deal were created at an exhibition opening where audiences who had watched a screening of Forbidden Fruit could help determine how the story played out and participate in carving up the foodstuffs.
Plant_Lives.jpgForbiddenFruit_Afterwards.jpg_MG_5205 as Smart Object-1.jpg_MG_5219 as Smart Object-1.jpg_MG_5224 as Smart Object-1.jpgForbiddenFruit_at_RootDivision-010.jpgForbiddenFruit_at_RootDivision-007.jpgForbiddenFruit_at_RootDivision-008.jpgForbiddenFruit_at_RootDivision-009.jpgForbiddenFruit_at_RootDivision-011.jpgIMG_0190.jpgIMG_0191.jpgForbiddenFruit_at_RootDivision-014.jpg